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Transplant Leads to Nuptials

Added by Ailey Hines on February 13, 2015.

This love story begins with a generous woman giving one of her kidneys to a stranger and that grateful man reciprocating by offering her his heart. First he accepted, later she accepted and now they plan to marry. What started out as a transplant lead to nuptials!

This all began with Ashley McIntyre’s mother listening to a radio program in January 2014. She heard about a 25 year-old man who had 12 hours of dialysis each week while working full-time as an electrician. He suffered from an inflammatory disease affecting the kidneys. Danny Robinson needed a transplant and there was no match for him in his family.

As bad as it can be with needing a kidney, Danny’s story was bigger than that. In 2011 his house burned down and the year after that Danny’s father died as a result of brain cancer.

Ashley overheard her mother discussing Danny’s story with her grandmother. Her mother commented that because she had Type-O blood, which is the universal donor, she would give him a kidney if it were not for her health issues. Ashley considered the series of events in Danny’s life and the fact that she, too, had Type-O blood with no health problems, decided to see if she was a match.

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