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Welcoming our partnership with Give InKind for Transplant Families

We at Transplant Families are always happy to find organizations like Give InKind that truly make our community better. Hospital life is a necessary part of the journey in our child's path to healing. We often don't know if this will be 2 weeks or 12 months. Give InKind gives us an all-in-one platform that supports social updates, friends and family who want to help us, and a variety of other supports. Their founders created this platform after spending time in the hospital with their child. This platform feels genuine because it truly is from the heart of another family who has experienced how difficult this time is for anyone.

Give InKind is a modern social platform for coordinating support when life is disrupted. From the birth of a baby to the loss of a family member, to medical crises, and disasters, friends and families need ways to give and receive help, from anywhere. Give InKind facilitates comprehensive support with its Care Calendar, Wishlist, User Updates, and Fundraising on one easy-to-use page, empowering communities to support one another through life events that need more than just money.

Give InKind is partnering with Transplant Families in order to benefit you and new families signing up. Use affiliate link to have a portion donated to our outreach and education programs every time a page is created.

To see an example of how to set up your own site, go to Transplant Families - Give InKind.

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