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Williston Couple Envisioning Pediatric Transplant Home –

A couple formerly of Williston moved to Rochester with families — most of them strangers — in mind. The Ericksons have opened their doors to families with children who have pediatric illnesses after experiencing first hand the struggle for long term housing during medical emergencies. The Ericksons now have the opportunity to expand Cy’s Place. Jennifer Kleen tells us about the mission and motivation. Transplanting a home several hundred miles away takes a little bravery. (Joshua Lester, Friend) “I thought this was a crazy idea. But what an incredible idea.” The idea? Support teams for the smallest medical patients need support as well. (Joshua Lester, Friend) “When my son fell ill in 2007 as well, immediately after he was born, we took him to the National Jewish Hospital in Denver, Colorado, for a month and it was a difficult journey, it was not easy for us.” (Randy Erickson, Cy’s Place Founder) “We want to make it as easy for these people as possible.” Randy and Ree Erickson picked up from Williston, North Dakota, to build a home near Mayo Clinic in Rochester. For two years, the apartment in the Erickson basement has been open to families with children going through treatment. (Randy Erickson, Cy’s Place Founder) “We can all be one big family and try to get people through this ordeal in their life.” With a financial backer and trust in place, Randy and Ree are raising 14-million dollars to build Cy’s Place: a 20-apartment pediatric transplant home. A place for children and their families to live during the three-month-minimum transplant recovery time. (Joshua Lester, Friend) “Not just Minnesota. Not just North Dakota. This effects everybody. It will effect everybody.” It takes a big heart to become home for another. Or in this case of Cy’s Place, it takes a broken heart. (Randy Erickson, Cy’s Place Founder) “We’re anticipating when this place opens and we see, especially little bald-headed boys come. I know it’s going to be painful. We’re anticipating that.” After an eleven month battle with cancer, Randy and Ree’s three-and-a-half year old son Silas Erickson died in 2007. (Ree Erickson, Cy’s Place Founder) “We were just floored by how people loved us during that time.” (Randy Erickson, Cy’s Place Founder) “You take your eyes off yourself and your problem and try to help someone else get through it. It brings joy.” (Joshua Lester, Friend) “No family plans on this. And there’s not a person in the world not effected by cancer somehow. It hurts ten-times more when it’s kids. To help a family, even if it’s just a place to stay, that is huge. I know first hand.” Little transplant patients know a lot about bravery. A house to recover, like Cy’s Place, is just what the doctor ordered. In Minot, Jennifer Kleen, KX News. The Ericksons will be raising 14-million for the construction of Cy’s Place. For more information visit

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