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Wrestling Benefit to Help Teen Get Kidney Transplant

By: Morgan Kyrklund – Email Updated: Sat 11:27 PM, Sep 21, 2013

Panama City coming together to help a 16-year old boy get a kidney transplant.

A wrestling benefit was held Saturday night at the Boys and Girls Club for Mark Lopez.

The teen says he first got sick about four years ago.

Organizers of the fundraiser hosted a yard sale recently and they hope Saturday’s event will help cover more medical bills.

Since learning of his illness, Lopez says he has made a healthy lifestylechange.

Lopez said, “I mean before I never really liked to eat salads. I was always into greasy food, but that changed after I figured out that I had to change my ways and eat a healthier diet.”

Lopez wants to got to college and get a degree in culinary arts.

He hopes his story will inspire other kids his age.

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