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Getting to know a transplant candidate – Times Bulletin


DHI Media Correspondant

VAN WERT — This past May 21 was one of the biggest days in the life of Crestview graduate Jasmine Coleman. It was the day she was officially listed nationwide for a double lung transplant.

It was in 2011 when Coleman, the daughter of Don and Faith Coleman of Van Wert, was diagnosed with a rare but very serious lung disorder that takes on appearance like cystic fibrosis. The disease causes the lungs to fill with fluid and, in Jasmine’s case it causes them to fill with blood. Initially, Coleman was treated with antibiotics and airway cleaner. Then, in May of 2013, a doctor at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital requested that she be evaluated for a double lung transplant.

In August of that year, Jasmine was approved for processing for a transplant evaluation. She received her first pre-transplant work in January of this year, but complications quickly developed. She began to hemorrhage and was life-flighted to Cleveland Clinic for treatment. These days, as she awaits news concerning a potential transplant organ, she has 22 percent function of her lungs, with most of it in her left lung. Her right lung is filled with blood. She is on six liters of oxygen for any activity and requires two liters for rest.

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